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How to Properly Store Shellfish

Properly storing shellfish is really simple! Put them in the refrigerator, and that's it. Like many food items, shellfish need to be kept cool. Do not leave them outside in warm weather, and definitely do not leave them in the back of a hot car unless they are in a cooler. Treat them like you would a piece of fish. Please do not put them in water. If you are using ice in a cooler, make sure that they are above any meltwater, freshwater will kill shellfish. We strongly encourage bringing a cooler with an ice pack in with you to the market. In addition to keeping your shellfish fresh and tasty having a cooler helps keep your car clean! When kept cool & dry, shellfish will last at least a week in the refrigerator. Our main tip for storing them is to leave them in the bags they came in and put the bags in a large bowl or baking dish to keep your refrigerator clean and to prevent any scratching of glass shelves.