The Wellfleet Shellfishermen's Farmers Market will be back in the Fall. In the meantime, please patronize our market sponsor Cape Tip Seafood in Truro or Orleans or Holbrook Oyster in Eastham for Wellfleet's finest shellfish.

Mapping the Taste of Wellfleet Oysters

A geography lesson for all of you who love the fruits of Wellfleet Harbor. This map shows the Department of Marine Fisheries Shellfish (DMF) shellfish classification areas for Wellfleet Harbor. Each area is assigned a number that gets marked on the harvester tag required by the DMF on every bag of oysters or clams that is harvested in Wellfleet Harbor. Please note the numbers CCB8, CCB11, CCB12, CCB13 or CCB14 on the map. The CCB stands for Cape Cod Bay.  
If you purchased oysters or clams at the Wellfleet Shellfishermen's Farmers Market, you can see the growing/harvest area number marked on your tag. Since we know many of you are now buying and comparing the many different tastes and textures of Wellfleet Oysters, we thought this might be helpful as you explore the vast varieties we have right within our precious harbor. We suggest you take a peek and match the numbers on your tags to the map, so you can begin to understand and learn the different tastes and characteristics of Wellfleet Oysters and Clams by where they are grown or harvested.
This map is also a great reference when you see Wellfleet Oysters and Clams in fish markets, chain stores and restaurants. If you ever see something marked Wellfleet and want to be sure,  you can ask what number the harvesters tag says. The Chef or Seafood Manager will know what you mean. If it is not marked CCB8, CCB11, CCB12, CCB13 or CCB14 on the harvester's tag it's not an authentic Wellfleet product.
Sadly, we hear about imposters being passed as Wellfleet Oysters and Clams all the the time, so please keep an eye out with this chart for them and let us know if and when you see them ok? Just because the tag has the word Wellfleet on it doesn't meant it is from Wellfleet - the shellfish classification number is the key to absolute verification so you can be sure you are eating Wellfleet Oysters and Clams. And of course, buying direct from the harvester at the Wellfleet Shellfishermen's Farmers Market is the best way of all to know!   
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