Place Your Order Here for the Wellfleet Shellfishermen's Farmers Market at the Wellfleet Marina - look for the Cape Tip Seafood Truck!

The Wild Wellfleet Oyster Experience - A Customer Testimonial

"Besides Holbrook Oyster and their tasty littlenecks, I would like to thank whomever is responsible for those Wild Oysters. I had no idea. It’s like I haven’t lived before today!! They are like little oyster steaks. WOW, and Yum.❤️"  Becky Alexander 

Wild Wellfleet Oysters are shaped and formed by the wind and tide from naturally occurring SPAT (baby oyster seed) that spawn every summer in our pristine waters.  Wellfleet is one of the few harbors in the world that has the ability to produce naturally occurring SPAT in this way.  Wild Wellfleets are the historical Wellfleet Oysters that have made us famous for centuries!   

You can experience Wellfleet Wild Oysters by purchasing here and picking them up at the Wellfleet Shellfishermen's Farmers Market and coming to the Wellfleet Pier on Saturdays from 12-2 p.m. to pick them up.