Place Your Order for the Wellfleet Shellfishermen's Farmers Market on Saturday, December 11, 2021 at the Wellfleet Marina - look for the Cape Tip Seafood Truck!

Weather's Coming Please Order Early!

We have some cold coming which may make harvesting Wellfleet Oysters & Clams for this weekend's Wellfleet Shellfishermen's Farmers Market out of the question for this Friday.  This is for two reasons, temperatures must be above 28 degrees to harvest and we may be getting some ice into the harbor which can cover the shellfish beds and make it impossible to work the flats.   So we request, if possible, that you place your orders early so our shellfishermen can get your order today or tomorrow.  It helps them and it will ensure you get exactly what you want for the weekend.  Thank you so much and see you there!