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Oyster Omelet

Oyster Omelet 
Serves 1

5-6 Oysters
3 eggs
3-4 mushrooms sliced 
1/4 medium green or orange pepper chopped
1/2  medium sweet onion diced.
1/4 cup grated cheese.
Red Pepper flakes or some fresh chopped chili peppers. 
Fresh Black Pepper to Taste

Yes, oysters for breakfast! Oyster omelets used to be a common breakfast omelet either for home cooks or at the local breakfast counters. There are numerous variations in local cookbooks. These days oyster omelets remain a staple of a shellfishermen's breakfast but are no longer a common breakfast outside of their homes. If you have never had one or haven't had one in a while it's time to whip one up! 


Prep vegetables. 

Rinse the oysters and shuck them into a bowl.

Saute vegetables, take oysters, and cut them into smaller pieces (about 4 pieces for an average-sized oyster). Reserve the oyster liquor in a bowl.

Add oysters to the sauteing vegetables cook for 2 minutes and then remove vegetables and oysters from the pan.

Beat eggs with the oyster liquor add them to a hot well-greased pan or skillet under medium heat. Tilting the pan as necessary to ensure an even distribution of the eggs. Note: because we are beating the oyster liquor into the eggs do not add salt.

When eggs are about cooked though add the cheese then the vegetable and oyster mixture. Fold and serve! 

What are you doing with your fresh Wellfleet Shellfish? Please send us pictures of your shellfish dishes and instructions, and your recipe might be next week's recipe of the week!
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