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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the character and tradition of Wellfleet’s Historic Shellfish Industry by supporting the long term viability of our wild harvesters and independent aquaculture farmers. As Wellfleet's Shellfish industry association, we may work to establish product price stability where possible, while promoting the industry through marketing and branding.  

Our History

We were founded in February 2019 to serve as a fisheries advocacy association, working with our local, state, and federal agencies in order to insure the implementation of policies that best serve our members and our community. We are committed to keeping the shellfishermen of Wellfleet independent. 

Our Members

We have four types of membership, including Wellfleet Commercial Shellfishermen, Individual Supporting Memberships, Junior Memberships and Business Memberships. Voting membership is limited to licensed Wellfleet Commercial Shellfishers.

Our Services

We are a member-driven trade association and non-profit organization committed to responding to the needs of Wellfleet's Shellfishing Community on issues of fisheries management and regulation, water quality, climate change and sustainable shellfish harvesting practices.

 Our Board of Directors


Berta Bruinooge, Richard Blakeley, Brett "Chip" Morse 

Dr. Ethan Estey 

William Barrio 

David Wright, Secretary 

Ginny Parker, President 

  • Ginny Parker, President 
  • Berta Bruinooge, Treasurer 
  • David Wright, Secretary 
  • Will Barrio, Board Member
  • Richard Blakeley, Board Member 
  • Ethan Estey, PhD, Board Member 
  • Brett (Chip) Morse, Board Member